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A rewarding K-12 art lesson in which your students see their idea go from a drawing to a professional product.

MyCards Art Lesson/Fundraiser
A rewarding K-12 art lesson in which your students
see their idea go from a drawing to a professional product.


Teach the MyCardstm lesson on card design and supplement your art budget.
There is absolutely no cost to your school!

What do teachers have to say about MyCards?

Need a fresh idea?
Visit the MyCardstm Gallery!

The Art Lesson
Lead your students through the MyCardstm process of creating and publishing a quality card design.
  Using our three day, standards-based lesson plan as a guide, you’ll teach your students to create an attractive card design that compares with cards they see in stores and galleries. Allow 2-3 class periods to complete the lesson.
"I definitely want to do this again next year.  The kids really enjoyed it. What a fun way to earn money for our school! "
- Myers Elementary, Yukon, OK

"Mountain Color is a wonderful company to work with...the epitome of organization. 
'Til next year!"
- Totten IS 34, Staten Island, NY

 "Wonderful...I am extremely impressed with your customer service.  Everything is so well thought out and customer-friendly." - La Cima MS, Tucson, AZ

"All was EXCELLENT... I'm thrilled with your product.  And your staff is so friendly." -Godley HS, Godley, TX

"Great experience -  will do it again!" -Edna Hill MS, Brentwood, CA

"Students were totally impressed with your reproduction of their work, and those who did not order cards were sorry they didn't.  We (the entire art dept) are looking forward to even more involvement next year. Thanks again for this great opportunity!"
- Auburn HS, Auburn, NY

"This was easy to do.  Well organized, outstanding quality, very friendly service." -Wyomissing Area Jr.Sr HS, Wyomissing, PA

"Beautiful color.  A very professional product!"  -Tomball HS, Tomball, TX

"I'm very pleased with the quality of your product and will work with you again next year." -Osceola Elem, Naples, FL

"Great service, very thorough.  I'm glad this program is available." -West Salem HS, West Salem, WI

The Press Kit
We send a customized press kit free of charge with everything you need for a fun and rewarding classroom project: teacher’s guide, three day standards-based lesson plan, sample cards, design templates, parent notes and order envelopes, individual class organization envelopes, shipping box and prepaid return shipping label.
The Card Boxes
Each student’s card box contains 10 (4x5) cards w/envelopes of that student’s design. Each card features a full color reproduction of the student’s design on the front and his/her name and school on the back. Printed on premium card stock, cards are boxed in clear plastic boxes for a beautiful presentation.  Allow 3-4 weeks to receive the cards.
The Money for Your Art Program
Parents may purchase retail quality card boxes of their child’s design at a special school price of $14.95, shipping included. We donate $3/box to your art program for every box ordered!  There is no minimum order or limit to the size of your donation.
Everyone Wins
Students love this fun art project and seeing their work in print. Parents love the professional product. You’ll love the students’ enthusiasm and extra money in your classroom fund. We love making cards!

What do teachers have to say about MyCards?

YES, I’m interested! How do I start the MyCardstm process?

1 Check with your principal for permission to participate in MyCardstm.
For more information, have your principal visit this page: mountaincolor.com/mycards.htm. There is no cost to your school.
2 Call (800) 208-8900 & tell us when you would like to teach the MyCardstm lesson.
We’ll schedule press time accordingly and ship you a customized press kit.
3 Receive your free press kit & teach the MyCardstm lesson.
We supply a standards based lesson plan and card templates to insure high quality reproduction on the cards.
4 Send home the completed design templates inside the order envelopes provided.
We supply parent notes & order forms so parents can buy boxes of their child’s card design.
5 Ship designs to Mountain Color for publication.
We supply the shipping box and a prepaid return shipping label.
6 Distribute card boxes to proud students & deposit our donation to your art department.
Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your cards, and 4 weeks to receive your donation check.

Call (800) 208-8900 to reserve your space for fall or spring.

Your customized press kit keeps you organized through the MyCardstm process.

Frequently Asked Questions
I want to participate in MyCardstm.  What do I do now?
Ask for permission from your principal, then call (800) 208-8900 and tell us when you’d like to teach the MyCardstm lesson.
We’ll schedule press time accordingly and ship you a customized press kit. 
How much will it cost me to participate?
Nothing!  There is absolutely no cost to your school. 
How long will it take to teach the lesson?
Two to three 40 minute class periods. Here is a suggested time line:
Day 1 Teach the lesson. Students choose an idea and sketch their designs.
Day 2 Work on designs/finish designs.
Day 3
Finish designs. Send home completed designs in the order envelopes provided. Collect orders the next class period.
Do parents get to see their child’s design before ordering?
Yes. You will send home the completed card design inside the MyCards order envelope.
What can I do for the students who do not order cards?
You may like to trim the design from the template and mount it on construction paper to be displayed on the wall, given as a gift, or used as a large original card.
Do I have to tally orders and count money?
No. Parents write checks to Mountain Color. You simply send us the designs and sealed order/payment envelopes.
How do you calculate your donation to my art program?
We donate $3 for each box of cards ordered.
Ex. If your students order a total of 200 boxes, you will receive a check payable to your art program fund for $600.
Will student artwork be returned?
Yes; with the card order. 
What is the turnaround time to receive our cards and donation?
Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your cards, and 4 weeks to receive your donation check.
May I have cards made of my own design?
Yes. Your press kit even includes a gift certificate for the art teacher so your first box is free.
Click here for a printer-friendly brochure.
MyCardstm Gallery
Need an idea?  Check out these awesome examples of student art and teacher brilliance! 

Flower Portraits in Colored Pencil
Providence Grove HS, Climax, NC


Ornaments in Colored Pencil
Providence Grove HS, Climax, NC


Birds of a Feather in Colored Pencil
Randleman HS, Randleman, NC
"Everything went well as usual.  You guys always do a great job."


Butterfly Portraits in Colored Pencil
Randleman HS, Randleman, NC


Integrating Words and Symbols in Various Mediums
Foothill HS, Palo Cedro, CA

"Just as wonderful the second time around!  I love this lesson and the students really enjoy it!!"


Sunsets in Mixed Media
- Utica Academy for International Studies, Sterling Heights, MI
"Thank you - the print quality was perfect! I also like the easy way to send in materials with the [prepaid] UPS label - very user friendly. Made my job easy!"


Thank You Cards in Mixed Media
LJ Hauser JHS, Riverside, IL
"Thank you for the opportunity and a wonderful experience!"


Laurel Burch Inspired Cats in Colored Pencil
Hopewell JHS, Aliquippa, PA


Monograms in Colored Pencil
Hopewell JHS, Aliquippa, PA


Winter Scenes in Cut Paper Collage on Watercolor Background; 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grades
Pymatuning Valley Primary School, Andover, OH

"I was thrilled with our MyCards experience.  The kids were very excited to see how their designs turned out, as was I.  They are wonderful!  The whole process was very organized and timely.  Thank you so much for this great project."


Fifth Grade Birch Trees in Watercolor with Tissue Paper Sky
Hawthorn Townline Elementary, Vernon Hills, IL

"MyCards is a wonderful example of making connections between the arts and students' everyday lives.  It enhances the students' self-esteem and gets the parents more involved with the arts."


Fourth Grade Cardinals in Mixed Media
Hawthorn Townline Elementary, Vernon Hills, IL


Second Grade Penguins in Cut Paper and Watercolor
Jackson Avenue School, Mineola, NY
"The program was fantastic!  The cards came out beautifully.  I would do this again in a heartbeat."


Sixth Grade Snow Globes with Sharp Marker Outline
Norwood School, Norwood, PA

"We found this to be a fabulous experience.  The materials were extremely organized.  The final product looks amazing and the profit is great!"


Fifth Grade Mice with Sharp Marker Outline
Norwood School, Norwood, PA


Third Grade Snow People with Sharp Marker Outline
Norwood School, Norwood, PA


Second Grade Gingerbread People in Mixed Media
Norwood School, Norwood, PA


First Grade Mittens in Marker
Norwood School, Norwood, PA


Sun/Moons in Colored Pencil
Grace E. Stewart Elementary, Salina, KS


Second Grade Fish in Watercolor
Marlborough Elementary, Marlborough, CT
"Just a note to say it was a pleasure working on the my cards! Your organization made this a great experience for our kids and quite easy in terms of record keeping for me."


First Grade Flowers in Watercolor
Marlborough Elementary, Marlborough, CT


Second Grade Snowmen Cut Paper Collage
JW James Elementary, Scott, LA
"Once again, the cards were fantastic!  The students were so excited to see their artwork on the cards.  The process was easy and organized.  I will be doing this again next year!"


Stars in Marker
Elkhart Elementary, Elkhart, TX

"Fundraising with your program has been a wonderful experience.  It is safe, fun, educational, uses art time for art, and we make a lot of money!  Students learn about real world art jobs, and parents love the cards.  One of the best parts of the program is the professional, dependable and punctual way your company does business.  The press kits arrive complete and on time, the printed cards are returned on or even ahead of time.  Customer service is friendly, helpful, considerate.  I love MyCards!"


Fanciful Frogs in Crayon and Marker
T.A. Hendricks Elementary, Shelbyville, IN
"Everyone has gone CRAZY over the cards and the teachers are so impressed.  We will definitely do this again. You guys rock!!!" 


First Grade Penguins in Crayon w/ Sharp Marker Outline
T.A. Hendricks Elementary, Shelbyville, IN

"Your program is a win/win opportunity for my students.  We learn new art techniques for drawing, get beautiful cards and money to buy extra materials for the art program!  I can't wait to do it again next year! "


Third Grade Lighthouses in Crayon with Sharp Marker Outline
M.G. Vedder Elementary, North Babylon, NY


First Grade Mixed Media Snowmen
Piper Elementary, Kansas City, KS

"I just want you to know how thrilled I was as I opened the shipment of cards.  The quality of the print was excellent!  Every order was exact.  Thank you for your excellence!"


Kindergarten Fish Cut Out and Glued onto Watercolor Background
Piper Elementary, Kansas City, KS


Third Grade Snow Globes in Cut Paper
Dorsett Shoals Elementary, Douglasville, GA


Ladybugs in Cut Paper, Crayon and Paint
Streiber Memorial Elementary & Selser Memorial School, Chicopee, MA
"I really enjoyed this program and am excited about participating next year.  The cards came out great!!  This was a great, stress-free program.  Thank you!"


Second Grade Pattern Fish in Marker
Creekside Elementary, Kaysville, UT
"This was a great project for our school.  The kids loved it and the funds were much needed.  A BIG applause for your customer service.  You were always there to answer questions and cheer me on.  Very organized and professional.  Thank you SO much."


Kindergarten Suns in Crayon with Sharp Marker Outline
Creekside Elementary, Kaysville, UT


K-1 Holiday Trains Delivering Gifts in Mixed Media
Brunswick Academy, Lawrenceville, VA


Hearts in Colored Pencil and Marker
Oakdale Elementary, Salina, KS
"This was a really fun project for my students. It was easily managed, thanks to your organization. Thanks so much!"


Owls in Marker, Colored Pencil, Crayon and Wallpaper
Meadow Ridge Elementary, Mead, WA


Flower Vases of Tissue Paper with Sharp Marker Outline
Pleasantdale Elementary School, West Orange, NJ
“I had an excellent experience with your company. It was so easy to complete, and very flexible. The students were so proud of themselves.
The parents couldn’t wait to give them to family members. I look forward to working with you next school year. Thank you!!”


Butterflies in Cut Paper with Paint
Pleasantdale Elementary School, West Orange, NJ


Christmas Trees in Cut Paper on Watercolor Background
Mid Valley Elementary School, Hood River, OR
"We can’t say enough wonderful things about your service. Well organized, high quality printing, and friendly staff.
The parents love the cards, and so does our staff. Please include us next year!"


Monograms in Crayon and Marker
Wolf Hill Elementary School, Oceanport, NJ
"I loved completing this activity with my students. They enjoyed working on the designs, and adored the finished product. I continue to get texts, calls and emails from parents saying how thrilled they are with the results!"


Suns in Watercolor, Crayon and Marker
Parkland Elementary School, Yukon, OK


Cardinals in Paint with Crayon Outline
Deyton Elementary School, Spruce Pine, NC


Gingerbread Houses in Crayon with Sharp Marker Outline
Spring Hills School, Roselle, IL

"I was very pleased and impressed with my experience in the MyCards program. Your staff was very helpful and professional. The quality of the cards was great. My principal and parents loved them! I will definitely do this again. Thanks!”


Nutcrackers in Marker
HL Lubker Elementary School, Bald Knob, AR


Presents in Marker
Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Hemingway, SC
"Cards arrived - they are beautiful! Kids and teachers just love them!"


Fish in Crayon with Sharp Marker Outline on Watercolor Background
Kansas City Christian School, Prairie Village, KS

Landscapes in Colored Pencil
Holicong Middle School, Doylestown, PA
“I’m really proud of the kids, and the emails and calls from parents have been great! You REALLY have a winner here!”

Angels in Cut Wallpaper on Watercolor Background
St. Patrick Catholic School, Kingman, KS
“It was enjoyed by students and parents alike. We had a great response. Everyone is excited to continue this project next year.”

Rainy Day Fun in Watercolor Crayon Resist
Piper Elementary School, Kansas City, KS

Caterpillars in Cut Paper and Marker
Timber Point Elementary, Discovery Bay, CA
“Thank you so much! I look forward to doing it again.”

Monkeys in Crayon with Sharp Marker Outline
Venice Heights Elementary, Sandusky, OH
“Excited about doing the MyCards project for next year! Both parents and staff are enthusiastic!”

Hot Chocolate Mugs in Colored Pencil with Fine Marker Outline
Ventura Missionary School, Ventura, CA

MyCardstm Art Fundraiser
A rewarding K-12 art lesson in which your students
see their idea go from a drawing to a professional product.